Cernusco sul Naviglio, Italy

Giovanni Cantù, Real Estate Agent

This vision inspires me to grow constantly every day.

I began my relationship with RE/MAX in 1988, after 16 years of experience as a real estate agent in Milan. I immediately embraced Dario Castiglia (Regional Director RE/MAX Italy) and his vision of changing the Italian real estate market and becoming a trailblazer in our territory.

This vision inspires me to grow constantly every day. Along with my professional growth, I have also changed my personal behavior and have become more mature with a particular attention on relating to people. I have had the opportunity to see the growth of RE/MAX and its consolidation in the Italian market, together with the improvement of my revenue year after year. It has been amazing to see the “balloons” climb up above, and to see the brand name increasingly known and appreciated by customers for its professionalism, ethics and correctness.

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