Turin, Italy

Yari Politi, Broker/Owner

I grow professionally and personally every day.

I began my working life as a dental technician, but that job had a great disadvantage: It lacked the opportunity to establish relationships with people. So in 2002 I made a change and began a career at RE/MAX. It wasn’t long after that my brother, seeing my enthusiasm, came to work with me.

It was a leap of faith, but thanks to the training from RE/MAX, daily sessions with my broker and collaboration with other agents, I grew professionally and personally day by day.

In 2007, my brother and I wanted to give the same opportunity to other people. We became broker/owners and founded the RE/MAX Brothers, to share our experience and help others grow professionally, to overcome their own limits and to achieve their dreams.

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RE/MAX was there for me at the right time and at the right place. I wanted to start a business, but not by myself. So when a new RE/MAX office opened 500 meters from my house, I was the first agent who joined. It was an exciting time to work in a gro...

RE/MAX has an impact really on every aspect of my life.

On a professional level, I have learned a great deal about the real estate sector as I hadn’t work in the sector before. RE/MAX taught me everything I needed to know and continues to do so. They run courses to improve your skills and expertise ...

I was first attracted to RE/MAX by its structure,

the quality of the services it offers, and above all by the success that RE/MAX Agents enjoy. As time passed I soon realized that my decision had been the right one, and I felt very proud to be a part of building our success. RE/MAX taught me, both f...

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