Pisa, Italy

Alessandro Bianchi, Broker/Owner

To me, RE/MAX means freedom through teamwork.

I am the broker/owner of the RE/MAX Tower agency in Pisa, with a team of 18 people. I trust them and I love working with them. Teamwork makes me grow every day.

Our job is demanding, so to make it rewarding we have to share strategies and goals. We have to know the market well enough to increase our business and make our customers happy, since we help them with the largest and most infrequent purchase in a lifetime: buying a home.

When I speak about my job and my life, I borrow images and examples from my sailing experience. Sailing and real estate both involve patience, courage, acceptance, taking risks, changing directions, being driven off course by the wind and finding new routes to take me back where I want to go. When I sail I am free, and when I work with RE/MAX, I feel free to change strategies, to be creative while keeping my objectives unchanged.

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