Hoorn, Netherlands

Janneke Suurendonk, Real Estate Agent

It’s a wonderful balance

I had been working with historical buildings and restorations when the crisis hit the market and I lost my job. It was a pity, but I also felt: Now is the time to do something I really want. I just had no idea what that was. Eventually I came in contact with RE/MAX, where I could combine my love for buildings with my passion – working with people. Added to the freedom of my own business, it sounded almost too good to be true!
But now, a little over a year later, I have my own business doing something I truly love. Every day I'm happy to go to work, visit houses and meet great people. I love it!
It’s a wonderful balance to be able to make your own choices about how to run your business, while also using ideas from your RE/MAX colleagues around the world. I would have never started my own business if I had to do it all alone, from scratch. Now I do it myself, but am also part of a team, so we can support each other and make each other stronger.

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