Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Rosa Delia Batista Espino, Real Estate Agent

Eight years ago, I was forced to look for a job

because my life changed and I needed an income.  It’s not easy to find work when you're 40, and much less so during the recession. RE/MAX Arcoiris Central opened its doors to me and gave me the chance to build a prosperous future. They didn’t mind about my age or experience and they provided me with continuous training, service and support, so that I could embark upon my professional career in the real estate sector. 
Today I am able to say that, thanks to the trust they placed in me and the magnificent team of brokers, managers and coordinators that support my work, I've managed to exceed myself year after year, achieving the RE/MAX feat of being included in the Hall of Fame and becoming Number 1 in Sales.

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At the European Convention in Barcelona

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