Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Rafael Bello, Broker/Owner

My RE/MAX journey has been quick and intense.

Ten years ago I moved from the hospitality industry to the real estate sector. I started out with an office. My main role was recruiting and training associate agents, supporting them and providing them with the necessary tools and services to become successful agents. We started out when the real estate sector in Spain was at its peak; then came the recession and since then we've managed to evolve into sector leaders in the Canary Islands for the last eight years in a row.
We’ve made it here thanks to our vision and commitment to change for the better, to be flexible and evolve with the market, and to adapt and work hard to meet the needs and new demands of our customers. 
My RE/MAX journey has been quick and intense, since in the space of ten years I've opened three RE/MAX franchises with top-class facilities, generating high levels of income and transactions, and our real estate group has the most award-winning agents in the whole of Spain. Today, we have more than 150 associate agents, and our Multi-Office has been recognised and awarded national and international prizes.  
My passion for the brand, my desire to learn, advance and improve, and my ambition and initiative are part of my RE/MAX DNA.

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