Espoo, Finland

Heli and Robert Borgström, Real Estate Agent

When we joined RE/MAX in 2013, it felt like we had just come home!

This has been the best choice ever, one that has literally changed our lives. Working as entrepreneurs at RE/MAX gives us the freedom to work the way we want, when we want and take holidays when the opportunities arise.

RE/MAX Finland is the best, and Pasi and Petri Aalto are both such an inspiration – constantly thinking about new ways to help us succeed in our business, giving us fantastic training possibilities and helping in all ways possible. Since we started we have attended all the European Conventions and the last two years we have been able to sell so much that the Convention and flights have been free – this is also a remarkable gesture from the Aalto brothers to challenge us to even better sales.

We appreciate how much RE/MAX values supporting everyone to succeed. The marketing materials, brochures and the entire Marketing Center concept is just fantastic. Our sales have constantly increased and we were number one in our office for two years in a row – for this we can thank all the materials presented by RE/MAX. Our business received a big boost last year and we will do our best to increase it even more.

We are so proud to be a part of the world’s largest real estate company – and we tell this to everybody we meet. We are thankful to RE/MAX for giving us the possibility to continue growing our business.

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