Lahti, Finland

Nanne Kaarre, Broker/Owner

When I started as a real estate Agent I felt there wasn’t any place for me.

Everywhere I looked there were greedy people thinking only about money. Every office in Lahti was old-fashioned, going through the motions saying, “ this is how we have always have done it”. I was desperate for something else.

When I learned about RE/MAX I was stunned; I was immediately sold. I saw this brand of thinking big, building something new and thinking differently – it was definitely something fresh. I joined right away and started my own office, and I have never regretted it! After two and a half years, our real estate office is the biggest in the whole town with 17 Agents, all sharing the same passion and ambition. I love RE/MAX; it has changed who I am. As Rafael Bello, a fellow Broker/Owner from Spain, said at the European Convention in Rome, “A RE/MAX life is better than an ordinary one!”

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I made one of the best decisions in my life.

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