Tulln, Austria

Gerald Hinker, Real Estate Agent

Before joining RE/MAX two years ago

I was responsible for sales, training and the development of franchise systems for Bang & Olufsen and a General Manager at Philips. However, at the age of 48, I was looking for a brand that would reward and promote self-employment and the fun of selling. At RE/MAX, the focus on customers and the possibilities for growth are structured to enable me to build up a team and sales without limits. So this year, which will be my first full business year, I will reach € 375,000 - 425,000 and that from working in a fun, pleasant atmosphere.
I recommend to every goal-oriented salesperson: think about how you could shape your future together with RE/MAX.

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I joined RE/MAX in 2009, after more than 13 years in the industry.

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When we joined RE/MAX in 2013, it felt like we had just come home!

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I always like getting involved in new projects.

Three years ago I came across an advert for entrepreneurs. This was the keyword: if you were well acquainted with entrepreneurship you were suitable and should apply for an interview. I’d never considered working in the sale of property. In fact, to ...

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