Cagliari, Italy

Simone Pierini, Broker/Owner

My payoff: together we stand, divided we fall

In 2010 I bought a flat with RE/MAX, and appreciated the valuable and highly professional contribution that a RE/MAX Agent can offer his clients. I eventually started my career as a RE/MAX agent and then, in 2012, I opened my first RE/MAX office, which was soon rated among the TOP 25 RE/MAX Italian Agencies in 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

I chose RE/MAX because I strongly believe that teamwork, collaboration and sharing resources with partners can achieve the highest goals. Training and ongoing professional development, along with sharing ideas with over 100,000 professional real estate agents around the world, are to me the fundamental – and only – ways to be competitive in a fast-changing business world.
Starting a RE/MAX career in my office means guidance and coaching from the very first steps until you reach the awareness and full confidence of what being a RE/MAX Agent means. We have weekly review days on legal and technical issues and workshops and role-plays on negotiation approximately once a month.
I personally hold Start-up and Succeed courses for newcomers, who then follow a further six-month ‘learning-by-doing’ training with a tutor in the Mistral Academy. Constant training is also offered to Senior Agents, in particular with the Sales Power courses. Furthermore, Senior Agents can choose to be a peer coach for new colleagues, providing them with knowledge that only hands-on experience can give.

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