Madrid, Spain

Javier Villalba de la Torre, Real Estate Agent

I used to manage the sales departments

of a Spanish textile company for almost all of Latin America – twenty countries from Mexico to Chile. But in 2010 I suffered a heart attack, followed by a second one in 2011. I decided then and there to give it all up: my health and my family had to come first.

At the time, several renowned textile companies offered me jobs with very good pay and benefits. But I refused them all. I was sure that if they were willing to pay that much, they expected me to manage under the same pressures and stresses as before. Instead, I decided to join RE/MAX, a brand I knew in Latin America.

Many of my friends thought I had lost it for abandoning a brilliant, high-earning career only to start all over again in what was then an ailing real estate sector. But RE/MAX gave me the possibility to manage my time, build my own teams, spend more time with my family and most importantly to control my health.

Today, those friends who had misgivings now admire me – and some colleagues from the past have even decided for themselves to join RE/MAX, and they are very happy in the careers they have begun here.  

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