Madrid, Spain

Isabel Maria Gil Calzado, Real Estate Agent

It was not that easy for me starting out,

as I had never done any commercial work, and I wasn’t familiar with the real estate sector. The training I acquired through RE/MAX was absolutely key to my professional development. That is something I haven’t stopped doing all these years since, having attended more than 25 courses related to our industry. And every year I continue to learn and attend seminars, lectures and presentations.
For me, being a part of RE/MAX is above all about enjoying the freedom to manage my own business. I rely on RE/MAX to make sure I have everything I require to continue to develop professionally. This includes the relationships and spirit of collaboration with RE/MAX agents when it comes to exchanging referrals, experiences and ideas.

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RE/MAX has an impact really on every aspect of my life.

On a professional level, I have learned a great deal about the real estate sector as I hadn’t work in the sector before. RE/MAX taught me everything I needed to know and continues to do so. They run courses to improve your skills and expertise ...

This vision inspires me to grow constantly every day.

I began my relationship with RE/MAX in 1988, after 16 years of experience as a real estate agent in Milan. I immediately embraced Dario Castiglia (Regional Director RE/MAX Italy) and his vision of changing the Italian real estate market and becoming ...

Eight years ago, I was forced to look for a job

because my life changed and I needed an income.  It’s not easy to find work when you're 40, and much less so during the recession. RE/MAX Arcoiris Central opened its doors to me and gave me the chance to build a prosperous future. They...

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