Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Julien Vinti, Real Estate Agent

RE/MAX lets me express myself as an entrepreneur,

thanks to its well-organized structure and rich database, giving me the opportunity to start out with my business with strong assets and, most importantly of all, a huge product portfolio.
What I like most about RE/MAX is that it gives you a free hand for your self-promotion. I cannot tell how much I like to invent new marketing products and create new ideas in order to differentiate myself in my geo-farming area. Obviously, the quantity of marketing products is already all set in the brand new Marketing Center, and this helps a lot at the beginning to be honest.
I am absolutely convinced that RE/MAX is an enormous help when entering the real estate sector. It facilitates the first paths you take through this exciting and powerful business. RE/MAX lets you focus on your training and search for business opportunities, as well as giving you the confidence you need to deal with your first clients thanks to its world-renowned experience in real estate.

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