Madrid, Spain

Maria Paz Rivas Fernandez, Real Estate Agent

Starting out was hard,

as RE/MAX was not yet in such a strong position in Spain as it is now. And although the work was very innovative in its collaboration, there were few major deals. This was my first proper job, my first business and my first professional challenge. A challenge that I had to prove I could overcome, not only to my Broker/Owner but to my family as well. In all this time I have learned that when you do things right you are rewarded, and that when you ask for trust and commitment you cannot disappoint. It’s okay to make money but a customer’s needs should always come first. I learnt that sharing good ideas is good for everyone and that valuing my work also involves learning each and every day.

I like the RE/MAX philosophy, giving me the freedom to grow to where I want and work with commitment. I like the fact that belonging to RE/MAX is like being part of a large family. I love their synergy. I love the relationship I have with my colleagues and customers. I like the generosity of sharing information, knowledge and ideas. I also like the fact that RE/MAX offers ongoing training that allows us to keep on improving.

I can understand the fear and uncertainty of starting up your own business due the economic commitment involved. But any Agent worth their salt knows that incentives are much more interesting than a fixed salary. And RE/MAX lets everyone choose how far they want to go depending on what they want to invest, in short, in their business. There is a saying I love: “In life you have two options: you strive to fulfill your dreams, or you work to fulfill the dreams of others”. I chose the first!

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