Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal

Tony Silva, Real Estate Agent

I’m a dual Portuguese/Canadian citizen,

as I lived in British Columbia, Canada, for most of my life up to 1997. RE/MAX was a household name for me and my family in Canada, so when the company opened in Portugal I was asked to join a new agency, at the time known as RE/MAX Ribatejo.

I was not involved with RE/MAX in Canada, as I had a career as a timber broker and the owner of a log trucking company. In 2002 I joined RE/MAX Expo as an Agent and in 2002 I bought a RE/MAX franchise, selling it two years later because I found that I preferred the sales end of things as opposed to being a Broker/Owner. I then joined RE/MAX Eleven in 2010, which later fused with the newly purchased RE/MAX Expo. Under new ownership, RE/MAX Expo was ranked the number 1 agency in Portugal and Europe for the last three years running.

I love my family, I love my profession, I love my freedom and, not least, I love my life.

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