Milan, Italy

Mariolina Lobaccaro, Broker/Owner

I started working in the real estate sector 23 years ago.

Then, unsatisfied with my franchise employer back in 2005, I was excited by what the international RE/MAX network had to offer and decided to leave my job to become an Agent at RE/MAX Italy.

I had found everything I needed to help me grow as a professional and provide the best service to my customers. I am passionate about RE/MAX and its win win philosophy. RE/MAX has a very good international reputation for high quality of training, world-class marketing, property acquisition and collaboration around the globe. As a RE/MAX Agent I am proud to be part of this wonderful group of skilled and professional practitioners, and don’t hesitate to recommend it.

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Joining RE/MAX was like moving up to the premiere league!

The whole environment has been great – the teamwork, the marketing, the vast database, the international network and the brand name itself. When you mention RE/MAX, be it with clients, with friends, when out socially, it is an internationally recogni...

With RE/MAX, the sky is no longer the limit

When I was a child, I dreamed of working internationally. And now that I’m part of the RE/MAX family, I’m making this dream come true! It is fascinating to be connected to so many people around the world who have such diverse backgrounds and cultures...

More than anything, RE/MAX improved me as a person

In September 2007 I joined the RE/MAX family by chance – simply because the company I worked for went bankrupt. But truly, I never thought that RE/MAX would change my life. More than anything, RE/MAX improved me as a person, making me grow up and bec...

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