Alicante, Spain

Brigitte Castaño, Real Estate Agent

At the European Convention in Barcelona

I was named the “longest standing European Agent in the audience”. And I am very proud of it. RE/MAX genuinely changed my life and my way of thinking.

I didn’t think I could be so successful in a job, that I could earn so much money for my family, and be so happy to go to work every day and learning every day. RE/MAX has also changed my personality, helping to give me more confidence in myself about what I can achieve. RE/MAX has opened my mind in a sense. I feel stronger and ready to accept changes and challenges along the way.

RE/MAX is about freedom, creativity, generosity, and much more. My only regret is that RE/MAX didn’t arrive earlier on in my life. But another advantage of RE/MAX is that you can work for as long as you want and can. Nobody will tell you it’s time to retire. If you have an entrepreneur mentality, then RE/MAX is for you. This is a business that doesn’t require a high investment in a stock of products. Your clients give you the products.

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