Orihuela Costa, Spain

Erica Hayward, Broker/Owner

In late 2001, at the age of 25,

I completed my Texas real estate license and in early 2002 I joined RE/MAX. For me, it was an easy decision for two reasons. Having lived in over 18 different homes, a career in real estate was just made for me. But why RE/MAX? After speaking with the Broker/Owner, and having understood the commission splits, it seemed much better than what other associates had offered in competing offices. It was an opportunity to gain maximum commission within a great learning environment.

As my business grew, I recognized several pillars that make a difference in the real estate business: a clear focus on customer service and a dedication to building a referral partnership base. Also the fact that the business I built up was mine, but I wasn’t alone.

Fast forward to Spain. Having met the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Beach Homes, I was presented with an excellent opportunity to help run a RE/MAX office. A wonderful platform to share my life experience in real estate. Having been self-employed as an agent, I understand the pressures of being an agent. And moreover, being a RE/MAX agent carries responsibility. We have a strong Code of Ethics that distinguishes us from the rest. Since switching from Agent to Manager, I enjoy providing personally developed training for our agents alongside all the core RE/MAX training.

I know RE/MAX Europe can work like the RE/MAX I knew in North America, where agents from Canada and the USA exchange referrals at the drop of a dime, with a clear vision that there is a RE/MAX Agent in any neighborhood. Working and growing as a strong team. So that’s my focus: to build my team, reach out to others, help other new offices when I can, and share my experience at every convention.

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