Collegno, Italy

Ugo Palmisano, Broker/Owner

Up until 2007 I worked as a laborer in a factory.

RE/MAX helped to change my life forever.
In a few years I was able to start my own business, work for myself and build up a successful career. I managed to accomplish many of my dreams, and there are many others I still plan to realize. It is also thanks to RE/MAX that I met my wife! In no other place would I have dreamt of experiencing all the emotions I had during those years! Now I have embarked on a new phase in my career as a Broker/Owner of two offices, with excellent growth results. RE/MAX represents a genuine chance to transform lives, for anyone who has the right motivation.

It is the opportunity to learn from others, use a winning organizational model, enjoy ongoing training, share new ideas, and reap rewards from a strong brand.

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RE/MAX is not simply a brand but a lifestyle.

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