"SWITZERLAND may have four languages, but only one people" 



Switzerland is one of the most sought-after re-location destinations in all of Europe. This small yet influential nation offers more than just cheese, chocolate, and areas of extreme natural beauty. This independent state at the center of Europe delivers a high standard of living, good salaries, excellent health, and world class education to its residents.

With four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh) Switzerland sits alongside its neighbor Austria at the crossroads of the continent. Its desirable location makes it accessible for business, travel and commuting to five bordering countries.

With over 250 agents in the region and more than 30.000 properties sold, RE/MAX Switzerland is in an excellent position to help you buy or sell in the Schweiz.


What types of properties are available?

While property in Switzerland does tend to be more expensive than some of its European Union neighbors, the range of homes available is no less impressive. The Swiss property market offers everything from multi-million Euro mansions, to ski lodges, city new builds and renovated period apartments.


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What does an expat need in order to buy in SWITZERLAND?

If you are an EU/ EFTA national or hold a Swiss C Permit there are no barriers for you to buy a property in Austria. In both cases, you have the same rights as a Swiss citizen to buy a property.

Switzerland imposes strict restrictions on foreign nationals buying property. Non-residents, foreign residents without a Swiss work permit or workers on short-term work permits cannot purchase property without applying for a license to purchase. 

In terms of transaction costs, total costs paid by the buyer in Switzerland are usually between 0.25 – 3.55% of the overall property cost.


  • House prices in Switzerland have been growing steadily since
    around April 2019
  • 85% of buyers are Swiss, but foreigners also invest in property
  • Switzerland has one of the world’s lowest home ownership rates
Apartments in Switzerland


RE/MAX Switzerland is still the country’s market leader in real estate brokerage. In the past few years service revenue has been steadily increasing and maintained at a high level. In 2000, when the first two Swiss RE/MAX locations were opened in Möhlin and Frick, the starting signal was given for the first real estate franchise in Switzerland. Today RE/MAX Switzerland has over 100 offices and more than 250 associates.

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