"Island life is the only life" 



For some it could be part of a retirement plan, for others a more spontaneous change of scene due to a job offer or relocation prospect. Whatever inspires you to move to Malta, you will love the slow island life of a country at the crossing point of Europe and North Africa.

With 88% of the Maltese population able to speak English, the almost constant sunny weather, rich history and promising future of the island, it’s no wonder that Malta is one of the most up and coming relocation options available – not just for property owners but for businesses too.

The fact that Malta is a small nation, yet RE/MAX Malta are one of RE/MAX Europe’s top 10 regions tells you something about the demand for property in the region, RE/MAX Malta’s dedication to customer service and their willingness to work with foreign buyers as well as locals. Let one of over 400 sales associates make your dreams of Maltese life a reality.


What types of properties are available?

For a comparatively small island country, Malta has a lot to offer in terms of properties available. Choices range from more urban neighborhoods such as Velletta harbor to quieter areas such as Gozo. There are also plenty of options for family friendly neighborhoods close to excellent schools and areas of natural beauty.


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What does an expat need in order to buy in MALTA?

Non-Maltese nationals, EU citizens or citizens of countries outside of the EU who purchase a property in Malta which will not be their primary residence, will require an Acquisition of Immovable Property (AIP) permit. The requirements for this permit are based on the value of the property.

An EU citizen does not need to acquire this permit if they have lived in Malta continuously for at least five years.

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  • Excellent market for those looking to buy a second property
  • Great burgeoning market
  • Buying real estate in Malta is a safe investment
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RE/MAX Malta, founded in 2004, is the first real estate franchise to be established in Malta and Gozo. The overall goal of RE/MAX Malta is not only to be a market leader but also to continue setting the pace in the Maltese real estate industry. RE/MAX Malta is known in the area for providing their 400 plus associates in around 30 offices with ground-breaking tools and education to empower them to thrive in their own real estate careers.

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