"ITALY IS a nation with many flavors" 



Everyone has their own idea of what Italy is like: beautiful, fashionable, delicious, romantic, modern and rustic. The fantastic thing about the southern European peninsular is it delivers on all these expectations and much more besides. From the ultra-modern banking and fashion center of Milan within easy reach of Switzerland and France, down through the ancient capital Rome, to the stunning island of Sicily (a stone’s throw from Northern Africa) – Italy is a nation with many flavors.

Italy has a network of RE/MAX real estate professionals dedicated to the adoption of cutting-edge technology and world class customer service. Despite over 70% of Italians owning their own home, the real estate market is moving fast. As the biggest real estate presence in the country, Italy’s RE/MAX Agents are the only ones staying in front of it.


What types of properties are available?

Italian is a beautiful language in which even the most everyday properties sound like Mediterranean beachside mansions: Casa Gemella, Casetta, Monolocale or Rovina.

In English? Semi-detached house, small house, one room apartment and a complete ruin.

The great thing about Italy though, is it can offer you a range of practical real estate options as well as the high-end stunners we’re used to seeing on postcards and in films.

Whether you’re looking for a forever family home, city apartment, rental opportunity or a DIY project, you will find it here. From north to south you can discover state-of-the-art new builds, ancient city apartments, rustic countryside dwellings and suburban family homes.


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What does an expat need in order to buy in ITALY?

There are no special requirements for EU citizens or citizens of EEA countries to buy property in Italy. Citizens of countries not in the EU must have a valid residence permit if they want to buy property in Italy. 

However, Italy also maintains a reciprocity policy when it comes to third country nationals purchasing a property in the region. For example, a Canadian citizen may buy property in Italy because any Italian may also purchase property in Canada.

Italian law works to protect the buyer and the legal requirements for a property in Italy are straightforward. Buyers will need to engage a notary to handle all contracts. This can be tricky for non-Italian speakers, so an officially recognized translator is advised.


  • Nearly 70% of people own the homes in which they live
  • Demand for commercial real estate remains high
  • Buying real estate in Italy is a safe investment
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RE/MAX Italy is one of the top performing regions in the RE/MAX Europe Network and has been presented with multiple awards for its achievement in growth, customer experience and performance.

RE/MAX Italy is a region with ambition in its DNA with more than 4,000 associates working in over 400 offices in the region. Their vision is to become the largest and most innovative real estate network it can be, with consultants who are trained and qualified to the highest level.

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