Unspoilt, relaxed, beautiful and safe - Croatia has been described as one of Europe's most well preserved treasures in recent years. Every twist and turn of its breathtaking coastline reveals more secret caves, secluded beaches and timeless fishing villages. The south eastern European country, which joined the EU in 2013, has everything an investor or relocating property hunter could want - from dazzling seaside villas, medieval towns, Roman ruins, metropolitan cities, exquisite sea food, and charming countryside dwellings.

Recognised internationally as one of the safest countries to live in globally, Croatia provides its residents with excellent health care and education and a relatively low cost of living. Add to that a climate which rarely drops below freezing and 2,400+ hours of sunshine a year, it is easy to understand why Croatia is currently a very popular destination for those wanting to snap up property along the Adriatic.

RE/MAX Croatia have over 100 real estate professionals waiting to help you make the investment of a lifetime in their region.


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  • Croatian house prices continue to rise
  • Strong demand with a limited housing supply
  • House prices are rising on the Adriatic coast


RE/MAX Croatia was founded in Zagreb in 2008 and from then on has spread its business from the capital city along the Adriatic coast. The goal of RE/MAX Croatia is to increase the number of RE/MAX real estate sales representatives in Croatia and accomplish the highest level of service for their customers. RE/MAX Croatia currently has more than 100 associates across almost 20 offices.


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