Think of southern European investment opportunities and which countries spring to mind? Italy, Spain or maybe Greece? That's because these markets are no longer the investment secret they once were. Yes, there are fantastic real estate opportunities happening in these countries, but why follow the crowd when you can get in on the ground floor in a region with huge potential for the future.

Albania has stunning scenery, expanding urban areas, warm weather almost all-year round and is within easy reach of Italy, Greece and Croatia. Investing in real estate in Albania gives you many of the benefits of other southern European countries at a fraction of the cost.

One of more than 100 RE/MAX Agents in the region will be happy to assist you when searching for a great investment opportunity, a second home or a retirement property. Get in touch today.


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  • Albania’s location is attracting buyers
  • Huge potential for investment
  • Local market is affordable
Man riding bike in Tirana Albania


RE/MAX Albania has been part of the RE/MAX Europe Network since 2013 and currently has more than 100 RE/MAX associates working across the country. RE/MAX Albania aim to extend their reputation as the number one trusted real estate brand in the region, delivering expert knowledge and supreme customer service to their clients.


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