Looking for your new home in Finland? You’re in the right place. Follow our quick guide for a stress-free buying process.

Are you searching for an apartment in one of Finland’s many thriving cities, or a cottage by a dazzling blue lake? With Finland’s many parks, vast landscapes and a lifestyle that changes with the seasons, it’s a fantastic place to connect back to nature. In this guide, we’ll cover reasons to move, what to expect and the process of buying property in Finland.

The country’s capital, Helsinki, attracts most of the country’s expats every year. It boasts many opportunities for work and leisure, a buzzing cultural scene and plenty of green spaces throughout the city. And just a short train ride away you could be in Finland’s spectacular natural landscapes, going for a hike or enjoying time with friends and family. However, Helsinki is not the only choice for vibrant culture. Places such as Tampere and Oulu have bustling student populations and huge technological hubs. Wherever you choose to live, you’ll find high-quality schools and the benefits of a good economy. It won’t be long until you’re in the swing of their recreational sports for all seasons – imagine skiing in the winter, canoeing in the summer and everything in between!


When you buy property in Finland, you’ll either be purchasing real estate or a part of a housing share. Most apartments are owned as shares in a housing company, which could be a new process to adapt to depending on what you’ve experienced before. Which is all the more reason to find an agent you trust, and your RE/MAX agent will take care of a lot of the buying process. When you find your dream home and you’re ready to make an offer, you should be aware that your bid is binding. However, all the details of the buying process will be made clear by your agent, who will make sure it all runs smoothly.

Something to keep in mind is that the intensity of the seasons varies throughout the country. While the south can be milder, the north has colder winters and snow coverage throughout more of the year. No one understands the seasons quite like the Finns! Light levels vary too, especially in the north. It may become darker than you’re used to, but it’s all the more reason to appreciate each season to its fullest.


WHAT DOes a finnish HOME need? 

The best way to work out if life in Finland is right for you is to visit the country. Be sure to travel at different times of the year, and if you can, rent a property in an area you like. This way you can easily decide what you want from your new life. Would you prefer to live in the heart of nature or a city-central flat? Is it your dream to have your own private sauna in your backyard? Do you need to be close to an international school? Narrowing down what you need from your new home will ensure you find a place that suits you for the long term.



Finland is known for its abundance of stunning lakes and incredible landscapes. The further north you decide to move the more snow you can expect every year. However, in the summer, you can enjoy the ethereal Midnight Sun keeping the country awake through the night. You can also see the Northern Lights on many nights during the year. It really is a country of natural wonders! Even Finland’s busy city dwellers often head to lakeside cottages in the summer to enjoy time with friends and family. The high quality of life means you’re bound to find a home in Finland, no matter your preferences.

Your RE/MAX agent can help you through the whole process, from deciding which type of home is most suitable for you until the moment you have the keys in your hand. They have the local knowledge to suggest the best homes for you, and the experience to know that you’re getting it at the right price. 

At the end of the day, Finland is the best of all worlds. It has culture in the heart of nature, beautiful summers and winters and many different property types. Wondering what your next steps are? Contact your RE/MAX agent with your first questions, and once the process is set in motion, it won’t be long until that dream property is yours!


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